This Endless Sea is an installation work by Chloë Smith. Housed inside a specially designed coastal shelter is a six screen, short moving image work and soundscape, that explores themes of grief and the sea. An intimate experience for one or two people (or a family) at a time, the work creates a space for people to gently reflect on their own experiences of grief and loss.

This Endless Sea is a collaborative project, brought to life by a wonderful team of artists.

Lead Artist: Chloë Smith (she/her)                                                                                                                                                                  
Film Direction and Editing: Lucy Cash (she/her)

Composition and Sound Design: Kim Moore (she/they)

Producer: Charlotte Mountford (she/her) and Luke Collins (he/him)

Design: Bethany Wells (she/her)

Mentor: Ellie Harrison (she/her)

Photographer: Jassy Earl (she/her)

Cinematographer: Ole Birkeland (he/him)

Hut Fabrication
: Matt Sykes-Hooban (he/him)

Text and Process Support: Luke Pell (they/he)

Field Recording
: Pete Smith (he/him)