End of 2022

It’s the 20th of December and whilst people start to get into the festive spirit, I am unwell in bed. Not so good at ‘doing nothing’, I’ve decided to reflect back on the year in-between watching episodes of tv.

2022 was a significant milestone for my work,; it marked my first installation work, my first big ACE grant, my first time working with a large team of collaborators and my first time having a work shown for a significant period of time.

I’m so proud of eveything we achieved with This Endless Sea, over 5 weeks we welcomed almost 900 people to the work, had numerous conversations on grief, hugged people as they cried and temporarily transformed a small part of the landscape here in Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Whilst This Endless Sea took up most of my year, I also spent some time on Eigg reading, writing, drawing, walking and getting in bodies of water, two weeks working as a performer on the R+D of Lauren Vevers’ show ‘Caring For Mother’, I performed a scratch version of a solo work ‘We [Can’t] Hold It All’ about climate grief and climate joy, running a series of film nights ‘Screentime’ as part of Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival, being painted swimming in the sea and teaching in 3 schools for 6 weeks. Oh and I also moved house twice. 

It’s been a busy year, I’m yet to find a good balance between work and rest, but it feels like this year marks a shift in my practice and career and I hope 2023 brings lots of exciting new work and collaborations.