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In April 2013 CLUSTER BOMB [collective] were artists in residence for one month at orxy met in Walworth, South London.


Chloë, Delia Spatareanu, Jacob Woods and Sebastian Hau-Walker spent the month making this house their home and discussing what home meant to each of them. For the duration of the month they slept in the same room, cooked together and researched and performed together.


They researched the house's church army history and the history of the local area, involving themselves in community meetings and actions. The residency was punctuated with unknown visitors, organised by orxy met These visits ranged from a lecture of gentrification, a group of elderly women who had lived locally for over 80 years, and a discussion about family and homelands.


Over the month they built fires, sung home hymnals, chalked a map on the wall, built a gingerbread house, carried a mattress through the streets of London, carried doors through the streets, read favourite stories, listened to stories of homes and opened their hearts and the house.


The residency led to the [collective] having a three day open house where they shared their discoveries and small performances.